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Why We Offer the Treehouse

We are the Rogers Family--Josh, Carrie, and our three children, Phoebe, Lilly, and Miles. We also have a chocolate lab named Huck and a tuxedo cat named Hewoah.

Josh and I (Carrie) were raised in Richmond, Virginia in the very same neighborhood where we currently live. Our love for Richmond and the area runs deep.


We designed and built the treehouse in 2014 for our nephew, who lives nearby. Josh holds nothing back and built this gorgeous treehouse, modeled after a fire lookout tower using Redwood siding and vintage windows. 

Initially after construction, the treehouse was rarely used, as our children were too young to appreciate it when we built it and our nephew only occasionally hung out in it with his friends. When our home (a modern house a few yards from the treehouse) was on the 2017 Virginia Home and Garden Tour, we realized that the treehouse was a gorgeous structure that could be a sanctuary and play place for others to enjoy.


In September 2017, we posted the treehouse online and invited guests to stay. Within 12 hours of posting it on Airbnb, we had five requests to stay the following night and it has been busy ever since. In fact, it is one of Airbnb's top 10 listings in Virginia.

From that first year, we have continued to develop the treehouse space as our magnum opus to childhood. It's a space where we invite and encourage guests to renew their senses of curiosity, vigor, and wholeness that were so profound for most in childhood.

Here's your place to wonder, get rejuvenated, and just be,

Our special word at the Trailside Treehouse is, "Togwotee." It's a Shoshone word meaning, "From here you can go anywhere." Spiritually, Physically. Emotionally. Togwotee.

Our Hobbies

We are Richmond-enthusiasts and trail-lovers. Josh is an accomplished trail runner with many top finishes under his belt for races around Virginia. I (Carrie) just love to be out in the woods on foot or on my mountain bike.

As the parents of three small kids, some of our major hobbies include: spending time with our family enjoying Richmond's many parks, playing on playgrounds, and having random adventures with our kids.

Josh and I try to squeeze in regular date nights so we can stay updated on Richmond's thriving bar and restaurant scene. If you ask us for bar and restaurant tips, we won't always recommend Chuck-E-Cheese and the Children's Museum snack bar. We have a few more favorite spots to share. 

Ask Us Anything

Josh and I love sharing the treehouse with our guests, From couples enjoying a much-deserved staycation, to families traveling in from afar, we are so lucky to host the coolest people on the planet.

Lots of guests have questions leading up to their trips. We're happy to help. As lifelong Richmonders and avid trail-users, Josh and I know quite a bit about a lot of things that our guests are interested in. 

Feel free to reach out for help planning your trip to Richmond, Virginia, or your experience in the treehouse. 

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