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Treehouse FAQs--Things you may want to know as you prepare to glamp in a treehouse in Richmond, VA

Questions about staying in the treehouse? Here are the most-common questions and answers...

Where is the treehouse located?

The Trailside Treehouse is located in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is located in the mid-Atlantic, about halfway between Florida and Maine. The treehouse itself is about 7 minutes away from Interstate 95 and Interstate 64. The property itself consists of 5 riverside acres. To get to the river, just cross a single train track (look both ways). 

I'm coming to the treehouse. Where can I go fishing and swimming?

The Trailside Treehouse is a popular spot for water-lovers. The treehouse sits at the top of a wooded hill that is incorporated into the James River Park System. Just on the other side of a train track at the base of the treehouse property is one of the most popular swimming and fishing holes in Richmond. It's also a fun place to take dogs. The path to the river is along single-track trail and takes about 5 minutes. Pack your swimsuits, water shoes, and fishing rods! 

How is temperature controlled in the treehouse?

The treehouse is heated using a parabolic space heater that is excellent at heating when it's pointed at you. We allow one heater in the treehouse, which has been approved by our insurance and which will run on the electrical configuration we created. 

In the summer, we use a combination of fans to keep air moving throughout the upper and lower floors of the treehouse. 

Along with the treehouse, guests also have the entire basement level of the host home open to them. The basement include a lounge, kitchenette, full bathroom, and bike room. This area is temperature controlled using the same thermostat as the host house. 

What if I need to cancel or postpone my treehouse glamping trip?

We do not allow cancellations and can sometimes accommodate postponements if you notify us more than ten days out from your trip. Please understand that we offer just one treehouse and can only accommodate one group at a time. For this reason, we require guests to fulfill on their commitment once they have booked the calendar for their trips.

Can I bring my pet to the treehouse?

Yes! We are pet-friendly. Most commonly, dogs want to bring their dogs to the treehouse. We love hosting pets and have a chocolate Labrador named Huck and a tuxedo cat names Hewoah. Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring a pet so that we can set out the dog bed and dog bowls, if you'd like to have them. Richmond also has many dog-friendly restaurants and things to do!

What is the cost of the treehouse glamping experience?

Weeknights in the treehouse are $260 for four guests and weekend nights are $285 for four guests. Each guest after the first four is $25/night. We do not charge for pets. Our maximum capacity is eight adult guests total, with guests divided between sleeping in the treehouse and in the host house lounge. There are no other fees for the treehouse glamping experience--no booking or cleaning fees--when you book directly through the website. When you book on other sites, the price may vary and there may be additional fees. This is because we have the most control over fees through the website. 

What are the sleeping arrangements for the treehouse?

Treehouse sleeping options are flexible as long as they are safe. Our most common arrangement is to have all guests sleep on the top floor of the treehouse, when possible. On the top floor, we have a queen bed and an extra-large bunkbed cot that accommodates two adults or four children. We also have a pack 'n play available up there.

The bottom floor of the treehouse has a double futon. We can supplement with a single cot as well as long as it's arranged to allow safe passage of all guests in the event of an emergency.

The host house lounge has a queen sleeper sofa and a large beanbag chair that many children like to sleep in like a nest. We can also add one or two single cots to the lounge. There is also a pack 'n play available for the lounge.

Our default set up is the queen bed and bunkbed on the top floor of the treehouse. Please let us know in advance if you would like for us to set up your sleeping area in any special way other than the queen bed and bunkbed on the top floor of the treehouse.

Will I have to climb a ladder to sleep?

You will need to climb a ladder to access the second floor of the treehouse. However, you do not need to get to the second floor in order to enjoy your treehouse experience. If you would prefer not to climb the ladder or have a physical limitation preventing you from being able to climb the ladder, you can sleep on the futon or a single cot on the first floor of the treehouse--or you can sleep in the host house lounge on the sleeper sofa. There are options! You will still be able to enjoy all the adventure and fun that the first floor of the treehouse, yard, fire pit, and lounge offer.

Is the treehouse glamping experience safe?

We have been extremely cautious when designing experiences and environments for our guests with a special focus on safety. The treehouse was designed by celebrated Richmond architect Henry Tenser and built by professional homebuilders TenserHaus in 2014. Some safety features include: Windows that cannot completely open (they tilt open to allow a breeze, but not enough for a child to fit through), railings that are difficult for small feet to climb easily, latches on the doors to prevent children from leaving at night, a hatch at the top of the ladder that can be closed at night to prevent falls, and more.


We have created a space where you can let your children roam with the understanding that they may get boo-boos. We also ask that guests notify us immediately if they notice a hazard that may be outside of our attention. Guests do assume normal risks and should understand that unforeseen accidents may happen. For example, kids may be attracted to fire, so please monitor them around the firepit if you use it. Kids may fall from swings, so please make sure you're okay with accidents of that nature prior to allowing your children to engage in activities that may cause injury.

Please be aware that the treehouse property is located on five wooded acres that has park trails coming through it. The property also has two shallow (sometimes dry) creeks, trees, downed trees, a small koi pond in our front garden, and is adjacent to a set of active train tracks that guests need to cross when getting to the river. Guests assume responsibility for injury when they stay with us.

Is there a bathroom in the treehouse?

Nope. The Trailside Treehouse is as close to the dream treehouse of your childhood as we could get it. The bathroom is located a super-short walk across the grassy lawn and down a staircase. Along with the full bathroom, you have our full basement to yourselves as part of your treehouse rental experience. The basement has a bike room, lounge with TV and sleeper sofa, and kitchenette. 

Does the treehouse have a kitchen?

Treehouse guests rent the treehouse along with the basement of the host house. The basement includes a kitchenette, which has a microwave, mini fridge, toaster, Keurig, and sink. Local ordinances do not allow us to offer a full kitchen. Many guests use the firepit, which has a SoloStove, or the gas grill when preparing food. Hot dogs and skewers are very popular! 

We also have a "Neighborhood Perks" program that many guests use. When you arrive, you will see a postcard next to the snack bin in the lounge/kitchenette. That card includes a list of the neighborhood restaurants and shops that offer our guests a small "perk" for staying hyper-local. These are businesses within a short walk or bike ride of the treehouse. The perk may be a small discount or it could be a free cup of coffee or cheesecake. Just take the postcard when you visit the business or make sure to mention it when you call to place your order. 

Can I have guests visit me if I stay at the treehouse?

Of course! Many of our guests come to the treehouse to celebrate special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and reunions. Our overnight guests are welcome to have loved ones come experience the magic of the treehouse. We ask that you limit the total number of guests (including registered overnight guests) to 15 total and that guests park on the street so that hosts and host guests still have access to the driveway.

Can I host a wedding, party, or special event at the treehouse?

We do not have permits to host large events. All events need to stay within the 15-guest limit. If you would like to have a special event at the treehouse, please let us know in advance of booking so that we can be sure all expectations between us are communicated. We also comply with all state and local regulations, so if Richmond has a limit on gatherings for reasons related to public health, we comply with those limits.

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