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Book your glamping trip to the Trailside Treehouse in Richmond, Virginia today!

Please visit us on Airbnb to book your treehouse adventure!


As your treehouse glamping host, my goal is to take away as many of your responsibilities as possible. This means reducing the amount of stuff you have to pack, keep organized, and remember to take home. Ultimately, I'd like for you to only have to pack your clothes, meals, and toiletries so you--the adult--can feel truly cared for as you would have as a child. 


Whether you're embarking on this treehouse glamping adventure primarily for your kids' benefit or whether you're coming to fulfill your own dream of staying in a true treehouse, I want you to feel the freedom you might have felt as a kid by having someone else think of everything for you so you can just relax, explore, and play. That's glamping!


Here's a short list of what you'll find already at the treehouse for you to use:

  • linens, including sheets, pillows and blankets

  • towels and a wash cloth--at least one for every person in your group

  • a Keurig with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods

  • coffee creamers and sodas

  • a snack bin 

  • toilet paper and paper towels

  • dish soap and a sponge

  • handsoap 

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash

  • basic plates, cups, and coffee mugs

  • utensils and grilling accessories

  • marshmallow skewers

  • a microwave and toaster

  • board games, yard games, cool books, fun toys to explore

  • firewood and a grate for cooking above the firepit

  • gas grill with propane

  • stainless steel Trailside Treehouse cup for you to take when you leave


Bring em glamping with you! Please let me know ahead of time so I can set out the dog bed and water/food bowls for you. We have a very friendly chocolate lab named Huck and a small cat named Hewoah that you will probably never see.


Prices for the treehouse glamping experience vary depending on the Airbnb algorithm.


Check-in is 4pm and checkout is 11am. 


We have a strict refund policy and do not allow refunds. Before you book, please be sure that you--and everyone in your group--are comfortable coming regardless of weather conditions. Your trip may include high summer temperatures, snow, rain, wind, and any number of weather-related phenomena. We recommend purchasing travel insurance from a third-party vendor to cover trip cancellation due to illness, injury, or unexpected circumstance. Thank you in advance for not asking to be the exception to this rule.

We can't wait to host you!


When you book your treehouse glamping adventure, you agree to the following House Rules:

1. No smoking or vaping within the treehouse or lounge.

2. Please no fish or fragrant food/items in the treehouse or lounge. This includes strong cologne, perfume, fish, fish, incense, fish, and any other odors that may take a few days to air out, especially, but not limited to fish. 

3. When using the treehouse bikes to explore Richmond, wear a helmet and sign a waiver. Lock your bike if you stop to explore on-foot.

4. Please do not bring heating/cooling devices to the treehouse. We only allow devices that are approved by our insurance and that will not trip the electricity within the treehouse. This includes things like hair dryers.

5. Please don't use candles within the treehouse. Battery-powered ones are fine.

6. We provide parking for two cars in our driveway. Reserved parking is to the right when you come down the driveway (facing the yard). Please don’t park in front of the garage. If you bring additional cars, please park them on the street.

7. You must register all of the guests that will be staying overnight at the treehouse. If daytime guests visit you, the total guest count is limited to 15 people total, including overnight guests.

8. Upon checkout, please leave linens on the first floor of the treehouse and take your recycling and trash to the superbins located in the driveway or under the deck by the treehouse. These two things help to make it possible for me to be ready for the next adventurers on time.


9. The zipline is strictly off-limits.

10. Please be respectful of the treehouse and your hosts by leaving the treehouse and lounge space in the condition you found it and notify me if anything broke, needs batteries or needs to be replaced.

We're so excited to host you!

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