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Glamp in a Treehouse in Richmond, Virginia!

Here's your chance to fulfill that childhood dream of running away and glamping in a treehouse!

Located semi-adjacent to the river in Richmond, Virginia, the Trailside Treehouse is conveniently situated in the epicenter of East Coast adventure. Whether you're looking for an adventure on the trails, a great place to sample celebrated craft brews, or just want to get away from it all and re-center your soul, the Trailside Treehouse is your cozy glamping retreat.

Though the Trailside Treehouse only opened in 2017, it's already received statewide and national recognition. Here are some links to explore:

What the Trailside Treehouse Glapming Experience Is

The Trailside Treehouse is a full treehouse glamping experience. It's your place to escape. It's where you come with your family and friends to BE together. The treehouse is loaded with books that will absorb your attention, games you may not have played since you were a kid, notes for you left behind by other guests, and dozens of other surprises tucked into every nook and cranny. 


As far as we can find, the Trailside Treehouse is the only treehouse glamping experience of its kind--loaded with dozens upon dozens of surprises for you to explore. Many treehouses available to rent are "luxury" tiny houses in trees. Our treehouse captures the spirit of childhood in a more playful and authentic way than what you might find elsewhere from treehouses that are more geared towards luxury getaways for adults.

As we were designing the experience, we imagined that our guests were kids who decided to have an adventure and run away to stay in a treehouse. We imagined that you packed all of your favorite things into your backpack, like your Magic 8 Ball and Etch-a-Sketch. And, of course, you will have packed snacks--mostly chips and treats. All of this you will have taken with you to your treehouse hideaway, where you planned to play and eat and explore to your heart's content. We want you to feel freedom, adventure, and comfort while you're here.

The Trailside Treehouse is an experience like no other. Many of our guests call it, "Magic" because of how it transforms them and reconnects them with their childhoods. Check out the treehouse gallery for details.

What the Trailside Treehouse Is Not

The Trailside Treehouse is not a luxurious tiny house in the trees, complete with running water and every amenity associated with a home. Instead, it's a very authentic and comfortable treehouse, designed for children and offered to guests as a way to help them regain a sense of wonder and creativity that they may have felt most strongly in childhood. Our goal is to take away your every responsibility so that you can just exist as a child exists--full of excitement and curiosity. We seek to create an authentic treehouse experience for you.

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